7 Signs You Should Invest In Social Media

7 Signs You Should Invest In Social Media

Social media is the king of the internet. This is the origin point of every viral video, meme, every failure, and every win online. This is where people create frustration, share happiness and quarrel. This is a very humane thing – even if the human element looks a mask behind the digital wall.

It is difficult to believe that in a social age, many people are retreating or even trying not to do so. What are the signals to tell you to give more love to the presence of your social media?

I could not do this post without mentioning the “social media is not for us” myth. “We are not really a social media business” is one of the most common things I hear or read. It seems that everyone will leave brands like Coca-Cola.

Someone tells me – what’s so exciting about the shaky black water? Nothing! All this publicity and discussion, all those “happy!” Advertising (where people look great like being addicted to coke, things are slow and windy in slow motion) – That’s why it makes exciting Global brands or purveyors of obscurely flavored black water, are social media fiends. This is an indication of power.

Now think about your industry. Are you too boring for social media? Are you really so dissatisfied with your business that you do not want to know about 2 billion social network users in the world who you are?


Not at all

This is the time for all business owners to accept the truth; It’s here to stay social – and it gets bigger and better every day. With super precision targeting, it is more useful than ever before.

So – what signs should you invest in your social efforts?

You do not know what a tweet or a Pinterest pin is

Okay so maybe you do not – but maybe your boss. If so, your organization probably does not have accounts on any social platform. Perhaps the best investment here is sometimes – the time in which people search, learn and educate people on their platforms, how they work and what benefits they can get.

Social simply is not going to fly because it is new (and all new things are according to my father). Assuring people in charge to take on social media projects and allocating time is about education. Do not be embarrassed – learn what you want, then tilt your material.

You have a very stressed social media executive

Imagine that you are a social media executive in your company. You have 7 social accounts for management. Complaints are coming through Twitter. There is a ton of material to schedule. There are millions of customer questions to respond to Facebook. One of your campaigns is not running well and your manager wants some solutions before the end of the day or the company can pull its budget. That budget involves your salary. Welcome to the tension city.

There is no way to stay and sooner or later, you are going to lose that employee. In the meantime, the company’s entire campaign and Internet-facing party suffer when the only person running the show is a little stressful. Typos can be lack of care and off-brand ranting. So make sure that your PR people are behaving along with your social media executives. Make sure you have enough employees and workloads have been planned and shared properly.

You can not respond adequately to engagement

It is well linked with the above point, but imagine in this scenario, there is no social media executive – only you Besides, at the top of the email, taking care of customers and solving your finances, the last thing you want to do is a further social update session with the customer on Twitter.

This is where a social media management agency can fit your needs better with the in-house executive. You will not get a 24/7 view during the hour, but you will get some very good content and throw your path to help encourage ideas successfully.

Even more, it is away from your hands and you do not have to worry about answering your questions and inquiries – you have been covered and you can concentrate on whatever you are doing.

You have no affiliation

That’s the kind of sweet cat you get in your way – from your mother And his friends, who use Facebook every time, comment on “Loll”. Your tweets are not tweeted again. what’s going on?

It can be an indication that you are spreading yourself very thin, or your content is not echoing with the right audience. If cat pictures get engagement – so great. But if this happens, then you are not going too far with it unless you are an animal donation, a veterinary clinic or some other cat related organization.

Your content is the most important part of the deal here – but understanding the time, events and social calendar of your niche is equally important.

You post once a week

There is a very clear lack of another killer posts in any social account, in which there is a huge voice of time between each. Even in some cases, one day is too long to leave it. If you are worried about harassing your audience, then you should think about your content. If this is going to trouble people, then it’s probably not very good.

This can be difficult because you often have very good content available to be able to share. Over time, this will be easy because you can revive the old content and take advantage of the annual events. But in the beginning, you will need to plan well and prepare in advance before you begin.

The key is not how many times you post, but what you post. To make it valuable and measure the effect, you also need a certain frequency. Try to follow other accounts that you admire or are interested in and feel how often they post.

Facebook is the only platform you use

If so far you feel that I am only talking about Facebook, then you may have another problem. Facebook is not the only place to follow a social and get your name there. It can not even be the best. Twitter is fast and furious, Pinterest is attractive and provocative, Instagram, YouTube, Wine – they all have their own advantages. Tumbler is a huge ecosystem that is very popular among itself and communities are also easy to start.

It seems that there is a lot more to social media than Facebook, but everyone sets up their default social media mindset. I am not saying that this is wrong – I am just saying that there is a lot. Not every forum will work for you. If you are not doing B2B or professional services then LinkedIn cannot be your bag, but if you have anything to come to, then you should still be ready to prepare a profile. you never know.

Diversity is important. Yes sure it’s time-consuming, but you can automate! right?!

You have automated everything

Automation is amazing. Let’s do league works. With IFTT, Buffer, and Feeley, you can create an endless stream of content that tweets, posts and spreads across the country.

Excellent right?

wrong. It is very clear. People can see right through this strategy. It can be done well and I have seen some excellent examples of such automation. But when you try to employ emotion mailings, things get messy (which cannot detect cracked), automatic replies and the entire inbox explosive thing (thanks for your follow!) That for a while Twitter Was amazed at

I am going to make your job easier and automate the bits, for which no human interaction is required. But when you talk to a human (very, very stupid) machine, they get annoyed. Nobody ever left one of those calls and thought, “That was good. Is there a beautiful machine.”

People do social work, so invest in them. Invest in one team and real people to talk about. Yes, the technique is excellent. But only fools rely on their livelihood on the machine.

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