10 Content Marketing Strategy That Will Affect Your SEO in WordPress

10 Content Marketing Strategy That Will Affect Your SEO in Wordpress

10 Content Marketing Strategy That Will Affect Your SEO in WordPress

SEO and content marketing should always be the best friend, no one should stay without another.

In this way, we come to the idea of finding trends in content marketing that affect SEO so that it can know what to expect and how to keep yourself on the wave and not against it.

Content Marketing Trends

Natural Language Search

In the past years, voice search increased. According to Search Engine Watch, Google Voice Search is 35x higher than the query in 2008.

Google said that 20% of mobile search on Google Now is voice search. This tendency has a high impact on SEO. In the screenshot below you can see how much voice search is with all the searches done on the search engine.

The Cutting-Edge Content Revolution

The length of a piece of material has always been the subject of discussion. Byte-size content changed the way the media was consumed. Twitter revolutionized the way the information was distributed. You had a limit of 140 characters so that Tweets could fit into single SMS messages. Then they were limited to 280 characters. This was the only time when the company increased the number of tweets in the language for equality. According to their researchers, 9% of the tweets reach the character limit in English, compared to Japanese, which was only 0.4%.

The way we write and use social media marketing to share information, we change the way we read and consume content. And it has had a strong impact on content marketing and content marketers. The bite-shaped material has many advantages like fighting against boredom, and it is easy to remember because it is necessary, and it is suited to the readers.

Personalized Content Experience

Personal content is the new buzzword in the world. Studies have shown that this year we will have more content than before, and this story has been around for some years. Several dozen pieces of material can be published by the end of this year.

The content creation process has redefined its steps

We all know that people used content creation by starting with a keyword that they wanted to rank (usually a long tail one, to get a high volume of traffic) and make the material around it. The fraud of this material creation process was that with the intention of serving the user, Google started attracting very thin content for high ranking.

The content creation process has changed and now adheres to a more natural and more user-friendly route. Now you have to start by finding a problem through your content and getting answers.

Content marketing will only be written for content marketers

Unfortunately, content marketers are beginning to address content marketing. How can this affect you to SEO? enough.

We arrived at the point where there is a lot of material written from one minute to the other, I am convinced that a lot of material is rewritten in some parts. Let’s think this way. You go to a conference where many experts gather and start talking about a subject, and of course, there will be many ideas pop-up and at least 5 people will write about the discussion. Each has a unique style, which is definitely, but essentially some ideas will be similar. You can not escape from it.

At the top of it, there are a lot of people who use tools to rewrite the content already on the web. She comes in the dark hat category. We all know that text spinning is not accepted.

context is a new era of SEO

A new trend is embracing the material culture and knowledge-sharing industry. It is about patents that talk about context and how the search changes its way. The trend began by saying “the context is king”. Whenever we heard that material is king, now the time has changed and a new concept will rule over the whole state.

Google’s attention began to be of high importance on the user’s intentions during the search because the context is anything beyond the keyword. Now, Google is trying to focus on user intentions to offer more accurate and personalized results. We discussed earlier patents related to the reference topic and we have discovered its role and if it can affect SEO.

After searching for a patent and examining itself to see what the search results look like, we thought that it is thought about the effects on search engine optimization.

We should take note of several other indicators besides keywords. We need to build relationships between the rules and concepts in the content. Content should answer the title. You should use synonyms of your title, and do not repeat the focus keyword hundreds of times.

Influencer marketing has more power than others.

Influencer marketing will dominate in 2018. According to a Nielsen study, 83% of consumers rely on recommendations from their peers on advertising. People rely on recommendations from brands on brands. Another research on a single subject by a graduate education community, Norge, states that 88% of consumers rely on online recommendations on personal recommendations.

In addition, celebrity intelligence conducted a study where they saw that the ROI generated by influencer marketing is 11x times more than the banner ads.

Many brands already use influential people to promote their services, because influential people influence the decisions of those following them. Apart from this, they bring many benefits, such as:

Effective brands can produce more shareable content;

Brand-influencer relationships can be a long-term partnership;

Influencer campaigns can spread in multiplier platforms to achieve a wide range of influential people;

Qualitative images and influencers sharing original content;

Visual content is highly appreciated by users and due to the type of product, they had a lot to do with their co-operation with the actress.

Seo may have to get a lot from influencer marketing trends because you can create articles and content to support your campaign and explain what you did and made a story around it. Not to mention, if you have an innovative idea, you can make words of mouth and lots of links will “flood” your backlink profile.

Full transparency for a Better customer experience

Many webmasters send emails to give users their consent to continue using the website. Also, when you first reached the site, you had to agree before reading the content.

The fact is that customers expect transparency and feel safe knowing what information you are using, what you give it and what they can share or not. In the beginning, there may be people who avoid doing this and search for any other page, but there will be some who update their preferences and remain, and others will not reduce the time and accept it in one second.

Video content is the most preferred type of content on Youtube

Video consumption in last year’s volume has increased significantly. Here are some interesting figures to understand the dimensions of the idea:

YouTube has more than billions of users, about one-third of the total Internet users;

87% of online marketers use video content (Outbrain);

Placing a video on a landing page can increase the conversion to 80% (IVV);

Demo viewers of any product can buy more than 1.81x non-viewers (DMB Adobe);

And these are just a few numbers. There are many other studies and analyzes that show videos, one of the most effective and attractive types of content. Surely the video content has become the most preferred form of content. According to a study by Outbrain, 86% of marketers prefer videos rather than blog posts, slideshows, articles or others.

We have already taken advantage of this trend because many other experts and brands want to know more about SEO and marketing for creating podcasts and learning videos for those people.

If you are a Facebook user or a Twitter user, then create video content there and share it with your target audience. Make sure your video has high quality and the message is easy to understand. Check your competitors to see what they are doing (wrong or right).

Use Live Video They are very popular right now. And the big thing about them is that whenever you post a live video as a brand on Facebook, it automatically sends an alert to all your fans that you are living and can watch your video. Go for it.

Basic advertising is growing fast

The original advertisement is known to take lead and grow faster in the coming years. As soon as privatization has had a huge impact on the audience, there is a big chance of changing the original advertisement audience.

There are platforms that can help you increase the number of traffic through high-quality content sharing and content amplification. Outbrain and tabular content are two examples of distribution platforms where implementing content sharing are very easy.

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